Morinaga Chil-kid 600g (no sucrose)

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Exciting news! Introducing the new and improved Morinaga Chil-kid formula – now with zero sucrose and enriched with Inositol, key micronutrients including Calcium and Vitamin D, making it more suitable for Asian children!

1) No sucrose
This new and improved formulation does not contain Sucrose. Not consuming Sucrose helps reduce sugar intake in the daily diet, thus providing a healthier choice for your child's growth.

2) Specially formulated for Asian Children
The enhanced micronutrients including Calcium & Vitamin D in the new formula provide more balanced and comprehensive nutritional support for the overall growth and development of Asian children.

3) Packed with 45 essential nutrients
Well-balanced nutrients such as ARA+DHA, Inositol, GOS, 5 Nucleotides, Omega 3&6 LCPs and 27 Vitamins and Minerals, which are sufficient to satisfy fast-growing children.

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