About Us

mori2u is an online shopping store that connects customers to a variety of quality products in a trustworthy and secure environment. mori2u places the customer first, providing benefits such as complimentary gifts and free shipping to your doorstep (T&C).

mori2u products meet a standard of quality second to none, and are readily available at the simple press of a button to make your shopping experience pleasant and enjoyable.

Our logo consists of elements that come together to represent what we stand for. "Mori" is "forest" in Japanese, signifying abundance; and the free font paired with the smiley face brings an air of liveliness and freedom. The red smiley face is made of two dots and a "U", bringing you mori2u.

mori2u is managed by a young and eager group of people who hope to make purchasing necessities as convenient as possible. The youngest member of our team is just 12 years old, and designed the "Mori signature" after being inspired by the dream of bring convenience to households all over Malaysia.

mori2u is owned and operated by OZ Marketing Sdn Bhd (Company No: 716165-D).